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We love our son's infant room teachers. As first time parents, we feel like his teachers are partners on our parenting journey. ~Rachel K.

I could not be happier with Little Mates. Both of my children are well cared for by wonderful teachers. My daughter has learned so much from her teachers and is excited to go to school each day. I trust the teachers at Little Mates to do what is best for my children. Even though the center is no longer local to my husband and my jobs, we have decided to keep our children at Little Mates because of the excellent experience that we have had! Thank you Little Mates staff for all that you do! ~Kelly R.

I am so grateful to Little Mates for the continuously exceptional care my children have received for the past 6+ years. EVERYONE in this center, including administrators, has been absolutely wonderful and so welcoming. I have always felt genuine care from everyone that my kids interacted with, and as a parent, I always felt supremely confident in the care provided at the center. The parent/teacher conferences and progress updates were also tremendously helpful for me to understand how my kids were doing, and also how I could work to reinforce things that the teachers were working on with my child from a behavioral perspective. I have always felt in "lock-step" with the teachers of Little Mates and having open communication with them, and easy access through the Tadpoles system was so helpful. ~Kate Z.

What more could I say about Little Mates Child Development Center except that they are my daughter's second family. We've been coming to Little Mates since she was a 1 year old. I have always felt that my daughter was in a safe and nurturing environment, but above that is that I always felt that she was in a loving environment. The staff are wonderful to look at each child individually and help them grow their unique traits. They have done a wonderful job helping my very boisterous little girl become prepared for kindergarten. We will miss you so much! ~Jen C.

My 2 y.o. daughter absolutely loves her teachers and talks about her friends on our drive home, while our baby is learning and growing with playmates she wouldn't otherwise meet until Kindergarten. As far as the daycare, the center hours work really well for our family since we have to factor in a 30+ minute commute. And Tadpoles helps us stay connected. If there are any issues, we get a message, and seeing pictures and updates throughout the day brings a smile to our face. We feel very fortunate to have such a great place that cares for our children so close to home. ~Kate B.

We are blessed to have Little Mates for our kiddos. There is genuine caring between staff and the children and you don't just find that anywhere. It is comforting knowing my kids are well taken care of while I work, and to know they contact you immediately if there is any issues, even if just minor bumps or knee scrapes. I have considered your facility an investment in my children's socialization and early education - Little Mates fully prepared them for entering Kindergarten. ~Ivy B.

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